4" Male Camlock x Flange Adapter - Aluminum


This 4 inch male camlock x flange adapter is made from 356 Aluminum that has been heat treated to T6 ensuring the highest quality and performance. Each cam and groove fitting we sell is made on state of the art casting machines with thickness to match the best on the market. There are no fillers or recycled aluminum in any of our cam lock adapters.  Each fitting comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

  • Made from 356 Aluminum 
  • No fillers or recycled aluminum
  • 100 psi at 70 degrees F
  • 3.83 lbs
  • 4" male camlock x 4" flange adapter
  • 8 hole flat face flange
  • Industrial quality
  • In stock and ready to ship

Please note: Under no circumstances should cam and groove fittings be used for compressed air or steam service!

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