1" Female Camlock x 1" Male Pipe Adapter - Aluminum

Coupler Size 1 inch Female Camlock x 1 inch Male Pipe (npt)
Coupling Type B
Body Material Aluminum
Weight 0.35 lbs
Pressure 250 psi at 70 F
Features Benefits
Heat treated cam lock fittings Increased service life and performance
Brass locking handles Secure fit and tight seal prevents leakage

The 1-B-AL aluminum cam and groove adapter allows you to change a 1” female pipe coupler into a camlock hose fitting or a male cam lock into male pipe. Convert pipe fittings into easy to use quick connect couplers. Just screw this adapter onto the female end and slide into the male cam lock fitting then lock down the cam arms and you have a quick and secure connection. 1 inch cam lock fittings are used for easy water hose and discharge hose connections. Heat treated aluminum for better performance and longer life.

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