Customer Service

"The service was exceptional!"

Perry     Schenectady,  NY

"Your service is as good as your product; Terrific!"

James      Carmichael,   CA


"Wow. You guys have won my business for life. Excellent service beyond what I expected. Thanks!"

Lee S.


"Not only do you have great hose, but you have great service as well! You are prompt and efficient with everything from shipping to customer service!" 

Linda      National City,   MI

"Thank you and the Customer Service Department for your absolute wonderful service. I got the hose order last week and you just don't know how much great customer service means to me. I will surely do business with Mean Green again and tell others about you too."

Yolanda Atlanta, Georgia

"When I contacted Customer Service several weeks ago, my concern was quickly addressed and I felt there was a real human being on the other end of my email. This speaks well of your company. After receiving my Gatorhyde garden hose, I was extremely happy with the product as it is light weight, flexible and of high quality. I also like the fact that it is brown! The hose I bought at Lowes leaked from the start so I am returning it. I have ordered a second hose from your company for my backyard, and have recommended Factory Direct to my brother and a few friends. Thank you for continuing to make a quality product in this country."

Madelynn Cleona, PA

"Thank you so much for the new hose you sent to us. It is working like a charm; absolutely no problems. We now have two of your hoses and are as pleased as punch. Thank you again for providing the best customer service experience that I can imagine any of your customers could possibly receive. Your organization deserves a customer service medal. Thanks again."

John Newburyport, MA


Air Hose

"As a contractor, I use air hoses every day. Since I got Factory Direct Hoses, my old hoses from the big Home Improvement stores are just waiting for my next garage sale."

Didier R. Boulder, CO

"I just wanted to let you know that I have had my Air Pro hose for a few weeks now, and I am really satisfied with the quality and flexibility, I had been using the Flexeel air hose. Using them side by side I feel that yours is the better product. It feels more durable. I think that the ribbing will help it to wear longer. I will be ordering again in the future. Thanks."

Kraig Prairie Grove, Arkansas

“The urethane air hose is just as advertised-light and manageable. The service was prompt. What more can you ask!”

Customer Richmond, VA

“The air hose that I purchased from Factory Direct is excellent quality and I will look to Factory Direct for a Caddy hose reel when I go to purchase one. Thank you again for a great product.”

John New Brunswick, New Jersey

".. an excellent place to shop for hoses-- I was having difficulty finding 3/8 RUBBER air hose in 100 foot lengths with the connectors ... I ordered it from you-- received it in days. No more stiff/tangled/vinyl-- no more connectors snagging on stuff. Hose is rated for plenty of pressure for my small,but powerful, Craftsman Pro-series (175 PSI) compressor. And all at a bargain price...!"

Jeffrey Westerly, Rhode Island

"After wrestling with cheap rubber and PVC air hoses, I scrapped them all and bought several polyurethane hoses for our Habitat for Humanity affiliate. After three years of hard use, they have held up superbly. They are light, easy to handle, aren't affected by cold weather. The only hose damage in that time was one puncture because of mishandling."

Tim Lake Jackson, Texas


Coil Hose

"I just received my order of two 50' 1/4" coil air hoses....one look at these hoses assured me that they are 1st quality. Your ad says that you won't find a better hose. I worked 25 years at a factory where we used numerous industrial coil air hoses. None of them could even compare to yours. So to finalize this letter, I do agree. I don't think I could find a better hose than the one that you make."

Mark W. Cochranville, Pennsylvania



". . . purchased a Mean Green hose with nozzle and shut off. really impressed with not only the quality but with the water flow. Much easier to control than with the cheap nozzles. Thnx." ."

Glenn Wakefield, Rhode Island

"The design and quality of your product is excellent. In fact, I think it is the best nozzle I have ever used."

Dick Green Valley, Arizona


Mean Green & GatorHyde Garden Hose

"I wish I had found your garden hose many years ago. Your product is the best I have used, no kinks, lightweight and easy to handle. Not to sure why people buy 5/8 inch hose when the plumbing in their house is 1/2 inch. Your 1/2 inch hose is the greatest and easiest to handle."

Alan Waterford CT

"I ordered the MEAN GREEN hose and I have to tell you it is the best hose and worth every cent I paid for it. My son uses it to fill his pond after cleaning it and this is Wisconsin so you know it gets very cold, but that hose stays pliable and performs beautifully. Thank you..I will be back and I will recommend you to others."

Suzanne Catawba, Wisconsin

"LOVE your garden hoses! I've used your hoses around the busy stable for over a year and a half in the highly variable weather of Michigan. The hoses are run out over 500 feet of rough, muddy, or frozen-solid terrain. They are left out all summer in the heat and sun, with the water pressure turned on for 8-10 hours every day as we bathe horses (and are stepped on by the horses and run over by cars and small tractors). They are even occasionally (accidentally) left out mid-winter to freeze solid. Yet they show no signs of wear and remain soft, light weight, and so easy to handle, making my job so much easier! There is absolutely no comparison to other hoses as far as I'm concerned - worth every penny!"

Michelle Canton, Michigan

"My outdoor pump froze up and the barn is 100' from the house, so I hooked up your hose and filled up my water tubs. I can't tell you how much I love this hose~what used to be a nerve racking battle to roll up the hose went as smooth as silk. PERFECT!! I was looking for something like this for years and always wondered why someone couldn't make a easy to manage hose? I am not dreading the winter quite as much now. Regards"

Kathleen Dunstable, MA

"We just purchased a Mean Green Lightweight Hose. My wife has always had a problem pulling a long hose around and this hose is virtually almost effortless. It does not kink up and rolls up almost by itself. A person that thinks that this is too much to spend on a garden hose, I feel, it would be worth it to get a part time job to pay for it."

Bill and Jan Mentor, OH

"I just moved from FL to WA state, and had to have more length to reach my front yard, so I got a hose at -[Naional Chain Super Store]- used it twice and threw it in the trash today! Nothing can compare to your product- I am 73 year old avid gardener and I don't like fighting with my tools!"

Jo Richland, WA

"Just received my new garden hose, it was everything I had expected. A very high quality product. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK."

Virgil Lincoln, NE

"This is the best garden hose I have ever owned. It is so light and easy to use!"

Kellie K. Eagle, ID

"Every day I am glad that I purchased your hoses. . . They are the best hoses I ever owned. No kinking and sturdy enough to withstand the California sun. . . For me, it means one less thing to worry about. Taking care of a large back yard and garden, every extra help counts. . . You do not get quality like yours at the Home Depot. Thanks,"

Gisela C. Walnut, CA

“The hose is light and there is no 'plastic' smell or taste to the water.”

CJO Penfield, New York

"We purchased this hose for our small barn. It survives being stepped on by our two horses! I am ordering another. Thanks"

Lou Central Islip, New York

"I love your hoses!!! They are everything claimed on your website, and more!. . .I would like to declare Mean Green as the official garden hose for Granny's Garden School. . . People can take it from a lady who knows garden hoses - your product is great!"

Roberta P Loveland, OH

"Your customer service is superb! And the wonderfully lightweight, easy to handle hoses help me keep gardening some more years in spite of these pre-boomer knees, back and hips. My plants are grateful to you too because, in spite of my care, they occasionally were subjected to the old heavy hoses dragging across them."

Pat Raleigh, NC

"I am IN LOVE with my new GARDEN HOSE. I was able to buy exactly the right length and width, and the material is far better (and more flexible) than anything I've ever seen in a home or garden store. Your customer service was also terrific"

Bob New York, NY

“We got some hoses from you a couple of years ago and they are still going strong. We put them in our nursery and have run them over more than 200 times with my skid steer and they still work great. . . . we were on a job site and had forgot to load your hose in the truck. I sent one of our employees to the hardware store – he came back with a “commercial grade” garden hose – it lasted a couple of weeks. Now we don’t leave for a job without loading your Mean Green garden hose in the truck!”

Ron S. Rainy Day Irrigation and Landscape

“Your mean green hose is super!”

James Salinas, California

"I am very pleased with the hose I purchased. It's very light which makes it a joy to use with a light weight spray gun but it isn't "wimpy." I like the way it coils easily but doesn't kink. Being a sometime user, I can't attest to its ruggedness but it gives the appearance of being very durable and scuff resistant. Thanks for a great product!"

Dave Kline South Burlington, VT

"Great hose, bought one and came back and bought two more. A hose that can take pressure (150 psi) and not fall apart and is still easy to move."

Chuck S. San Juan Capistrano, CA

"I installed the 100ft hose in my front yard hose bin. Fabulous! I love the 3/4in volume and can’t get over how light this 100ft hose really is!"

Bud B Portsmouth, Rhode Island

"Thanks for your quick response. I am impressed with the beautiful green color and the 200 PSI makes the hose probably the best one I have ever purchased. I take care of about 3,000 Bromeliads."

Dave F. Brandon, FL

"This will be my 4th hose. Think they are great. The light weight is teriffic. I am 74 years old. Dont like a 3/4 inch hose full of water you tug around ANYMORE."

Dave F. Brandon, FL

I just received the 5/8 150ft lt green hose. Followed your on-line instructions to uncoil for several minutes then I wound it on my hose reel. Best hose I ever owned. It refuses to kink & is light as a feather. Thanks for making a superior product.

Jerry Leesburg, Florida

“I ran over this garden hose with my fork lift when it had a little ice in it and was still under pressure – it didn’t phase it at all!

Dee Veneta, OR

"Your garden hose is still flexible and useable at extreme temperatures"



Garden Hose Reels

"We love this hose reel. It bolts to the house, turns smoothly and evenly, and the hose doesn't bunch up."

Betty B. Jackson, MO

"The reel is super strong, well-balanced and sturdy, but it feels light and is easy to maneuver. The quality of the reel is immediately apparent... powder-coated aluminum, stainless steel, heavy brass, thick rubber. Quite a bit of assembly is required but the instruction manual is precise and the assembly easy. The high quality Mean Green hose is a perfect match for this reel. The hose has an anti-kink feature at the female end so you don't need to use the anti-kink spring that comes with the reel." "I have never seen a better example of the phrase, "You get what you pay for." I expected good quality when I ordered this set, but what I received exceeded my expectations."

Dave Warner Springs, CA