What to Grow in Your Garden

What to Grow in Your Garden

Spring Garden

"What should I grow in my garden?"

Many gardeners are found asking this question around this time of year. The answer, of course, is whatever you want. There may be no right or wrong answer on what to grow, but there are things to keep in mind while you decide what is best for you and your garden! We wanted to give you some tips to consider while you are making these important decisions.

Start Small

Before you begin, make sure that you start small. Don’t be overzealous and try to plant everything that you could ever want in a garden -- you will be overwhelmed with the workload and have far too many fruits and vegetables to eat.

Basic Tips

Whether you are a beginner or advanced gardener, these are some things that are good to think about before you begin choosing what to plant:

  • Know what kind of soil you have. If you know what your soil is like, then you know what kind of plants will work better for that soil type.

  • Know how much sun exposure your garden receives daily. Most vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight in a day. If you do not have a spot that gets enough sun, you can plant spinach, lettuce, and other leafy vegetables.

  • If you are planting any kind of vegetable, make sure that it is in an area where it will receive lots of water. Most vegetables do not do well with water shortages.

Good crops to grow
Again, there is technically no right or wrong answer to what you should grow in your garden, but there are some plants that you typically cannot go wrong with. As you have invested much time and energy to grow healthy vegetables and fruits you will want to remember to use a non toxic garden hose for watering. This ensures toxins are not being transferred from the hose to the water to your plants. Other organic gardening tips can be simple and help you to maximize the health benefit of your crop. We’ve listed some options below!

Sweet corn: Sweet corn is a great vegetable to grow! It produces a sweet taste that you cannot find in any corn on the market -- anywhere. This will be a summertime favorite for you and your family!

Cucumbers: There are so many ways to eat a cucumber. Salad, appetizers, and soups are only some of the ways a cucumber can be put to use. These fruits will spice up any meal!

Melons: Be sure to grow cantaloupe and watermelon in your garden. While these fruits are already favorites when bought at a store, they taste ten times better when grown in a garden! You will not regret choosing these for your garden this year. (Warm zone crop)

Tomatoes: Both cherry and slice tomatoes would be a great addition to your garden. They will add a nice fresh flavor to your meals!

Berries: Adding berries such as strawberries and blueberries to your garden would be an excellent idea. Not many things taste better than berries that are freshly picked from the garden!

Peppers: Spice up your garden a little by adding peppers! These look nice in your garden and have a fresh taste with a slight zing.

We hope this helped! Comment below with tips of your own on what to choose to plant in your garden.

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Posted by Kylie on February 26, 2015 at 6:35 PM
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