Backyard Birds: A Benefit to You and Your Garden!

Backyard Birds: A Benefit to You and Your Garden!

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Attracting birds to your backyard will benefit you and your garden in many ways! Backyard birds can help to relieve an onlooker’s stress, add more excitement to a backyard, and eliminate many issues that weigh a garden down. We recommend that you consider attracting more birds to your garden, and here are some reasons why!

Getting rid of pests

Backyard birds will eliminate many pests that bother your garden. Mosquitoes, spiders, aphids, and other insects are common prey to these small birds. If you attract birds to your yard, garden pest problems will most likely decline.

Pollinating flowers

Many birds, such as the hummingbird and oriole, are great flower pollinators. If you attract birds to your backyard, you will see more of your flowers pollinated. More pollination means more flowers, which in turn means more birds! It is an endless cycle that is very rewarding to your flower garden.

Getting rid of weeds

Birds like the sparrow, towhee, and finch eat the seeds of unwanted weeds. This will help you maintain the landscaping of your yard and garden more easily.

How to attract birds
Landscaping It is common knowledge that birds (or any wildlife for that matter) will not be attracted to a yard with landscaping that is taken care of poorly. If you want birds in your yard, make sure that it is well kept and inviting!

Feeding Providing food is one of the easiest ways to attract birds into your backyard and near your garden. One of the most common ways is to put up a bird feeder. If you want diverse kinds of birds in your backyard, you will want to put up different kinds of seed. Try offering seeds like black sunflower seeds, nyger, safflower, and millet. We’ve listed other foods that will attract birds below:

  • Nectar -- To provide nectar, you could put up a hummingbird feeder! Hummingbirds help to add a more lively feeling to your garden.

  • Suet -- Suet will attract fat-loving birds like woodpeckers and nuthatches. Suet also happens to be fairly easy to make on your own! You can save your own bacon or pork drippings (serve bacon drippings sparingly -- some brands of bacon don’t create the best drippings for birds). You can also purchase lard at your local grocery store. Suet is a treat birds love to have, and you will attract many by making it available in your yard.

  • Fruit -- if you’ve ever had a fruit tree, you will know that birds love fresh fruit. This will definitely bring birds of all kinds into your yard!

  • Nuts -- if you want to attract magpies, jays, or titmice, try offering nuts such as peanuts (they also love peanut butter).

  • Scraps -- Things like leftover bread, pasta, and rice are great foods to offer birds.

Water Just like any other animal, birds need water. Providing things such as bird baths or a dripper. To protect your backyard friends please use a drinking water safe hose to ensure no toxins are picked up from the hose to the water. If you place multiple bird baths throughout your backyard, it will disperse the birds throughout your yard.


We hope this helps! Have a great week, and be sure to keep updated on our frequent blog posts!

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Posted by Kylie on March 16, 2015 at 8:42 PM
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