Drinking Safe Garden Hose ¾” X 75’ - 3 Colors to choose from


Uratuff drinking safe garden hose is industrial strength without the weight. If you are looking for a top of the line lightweight garden hose that is easy and pleasurable to use this is the hose for you. Perfect for commercial and residential settings. This really is the best garden hose on the market with the latest innovation and design. Its lightweight features allow you to move it easily and keeps the hose from damaging plants and flowers like other heavy and cumbersome hoses can. Comes in three beautiful colors to match your lawn and outdoor decor.  Non-marking so you do not need to worry if it rubs against your car or boat. The innovative design and urathane cover resists frustrating hose kinking and allows for less drag resistance when being pulled through the yard or other terrain. This is a very flexible garden hose that is easy to use and doesn't fight you when it is time to store at the end of the day.  Designed for those who are looking for a tough, durable, user friendly, lightweight and quality built water hose that will last.  Yes all those features can be in one hose! The drinking water safe hose classification brings peace of mind that you or your pets can safely drink from the hose without concern of harmful contaminants being picked up as water travels through the hose or fittings . Coupled with heavy duty lead free brass ends with a food grade gasket. This high grade hose can be used in washdown hose applications. Each hose end comes with a bend restrictors to prevent your hose from kinking at the connection.    Whoever  said you cannot have a lightweight, extremely durable and easy to use flexible garden hose has never owned a Uratuff water hose. This 3/4 inch garden hose has a larger inner diameter that allows for maximum water volume*.  If you are Comes with our Factory Direct Hose 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We are confident you will agree that this is the best garden hose you have owned. 

Inner Diameter 3/4 Inch
Length  75 feet
Pressure 200 working psi
Classification Drinking water safe garden hose
Applications Residential, Commercial, Washdown 
Features Lightweight, durable, kink resistant, lead free brass fittings with food grade gasket, non-marking, 3 color options


*Please note most residential homes have 40-80 psi water pressure. If your water pressure is below 40 psi we do not recommend a 3/4 inch garden hose due to potential increase loss in pressure with a larger diameter hose. 



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