Mean Green Garden Hose 1/2 X 50 ft - Made In USA - Red

SKU mean-red-1/2x50

We honestly believe (and many faithful customers concur) that Mean Green Garden hose will be the best garden hose you will ever own! Made from premium polyurethane for lightweight and durable performance.  Easy to use and pull through grass or over asphalt. Great kink resistant properties for great hassle free garden hose performance. 

  • Lightweight  
  • Highly Flexible  
  • Extremely Durable  
  • Kink Free  
  • Lead Free Brass Ends    
  • Non-marking  
  • Color: Red
  • 1/2 inch garden hose - inner diameter
  • 200 working psi
  • - 20 F to 150 F Temperature Range
  • Compatible with all garden hose fittings, hose and faucets
  • Easy to coil for hassle free use
  • Made in the USA

1/2" Garden hose can be the perfect size for those looking for a lightweight garden hose with medium water volume capacity. 

Please note:  garden hose fittings are universal which means that no matter the size of your hose it will be work with any garden hose faucet.  For example, if you have a 1/2 inch garden hose or a 3/4 inch garden hose they are both compatible with each other and any garden hose faucet (this is true for 5/8" garden hose as well). 

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