6" Male Camlock x 6" Male Pipe (npt) Adapter - Aluminum

Coupler Size 6 inch Male Camlock x 6 inch Male Pipe (npt)
Coupling Type F
Body Material Aluminum
Pressure 75 psi at 70 F
Weight 3.6 lbs
Features Benefits
Heat treated cam lock fittings Increased service life and performance

The 6-F-AL aluminum cam and groove adapter allows you to change a 6” female threaded coupler into a male camlock hose fitting or vice versa. Convert pipe fittings into easy to use quick connect couplers. Just screw this adapter into the female pipe end and you now have a male cam lok fitting on the end of your hose. Insert the male adapter into a female cam fitting and lock down the cam arms for a quick and secure connection. 6 inch cam lock fittings are used for easy coupling of water hose and discharge hose. Heat treated aluminum for better performance and longer life.

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