2.5" Aluminum Camlock Dust Cap Fitting

SKU 2 1/2 -DC-AL
Coupler Size 2 1/2 inch
Coupling Type DC
Body Material Aluminum
Pressure NA
Weight 1.5 lbs
Features Benefits
Heat treated cam lock fittings Increased service life and performance
Brass handles Secure fit and tight seal prevents leakage

Our 2.5” Aluminum camlock cap fitting comes with brass arms for a secure and rust free connection every time. The brass arms allows you to hold the cap in place protecting your hose and water source from contamination. Heated treated for increased service life and longevity. We offer the finest camlock hose fittings at the best prices.

*please note for safety and environmental reasons cam lock dust caps and dust plugs are not to be used in pressure applications.

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