1/2 x 6' Red Rubber Air Hose - Perfect Inlet Hose

SKU RR1/2x6-300

Contractor's Choice red rubber air hose is made to perform and last. Some hoses claim to be contractor's grade, but then fail to deliver.  You can purchase our Contractor's Choice rubber hose with confidence. We have sold millions of feet of it to happy professionals all over North America.  The 1/2 inch inner diameter provides maximum air volume for large air tools.  Each hose comes equipped with 1/2 inch male pipe fittings are crimped on each end for great scratch resistance and longevity over a clamped end. The 1/2 inch fittings also allows you to connect to air couplers for easy and quick connections while not sacrificing air volume. The 6 foot length for easy inlet connections to your air compressor. This hose can also handle up to 200 F hot water to allow for multiple applications. Rated for 300 working psi with a 4 to 1 burst pressure, so this red rubber air hose can deliver the air volume and pressure needed to perform the job. The oil resistant cover protects the cover of the hose from bubbling and blistering like inferior hoses do when they come in contact with oil. The spiral braid and construction provide maximum kink resistance which alleviates the frustration of constantly having to deal with a hose that kinks and cuts off the air volume. If you want a professional grade hose this truly is the right choice because this really is the Contractor's Choice for the best performing hose on the market. We back the quality of this is top of the line rubber hose with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Hose 1/2" rubber air hose
Hose ID 1/2 Inner Diameter
Hose Fittings 1/2 x 1/2 MPT (male pipe thread)
Hose Length 6 ft - perfect inlet hose length
Oil and kink resistant
Crimped on Hose Fittings
Air Hose Handles up to 200F hot water
300 working psi with 4 to 1 burst pressure
Made in the U.S.A.

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