5" Aluminum Camlock Dust Plug Fitting

Coupler Size
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Body Material
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Heat treated cam lock fittings Increased service life and performance

The 5” aluminum camlock plug makes sealing the female end of your discharge or water hose easy. With normal hand pressure simply slide the adapter into the coupler and press down on the cam levers on the female end. Uncoupling is just as easy. Lift the cam arms and remove the adapter. This cam lock fitting or cam and groove coupling is used to help prevent leakage from your hose. It is one of the easiest and most economical of the quick connect couplings in the industry. Used for plugging off existing trash pumps, vacuum trucks suction hose assemblies and discharge hose assemblies.

Please note – dust cap and dust plug cam and groove couplings should not be used for compressed air or steam service

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