1 1/2 inch Red PVC Discharge Hose - purchase by the foot

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This 1 1/2 inch red discharge hose is a PVC layflat hose that is mildew proof and built to last. The tube is a true PVC and this discharge hose can handle 150 psi at 70 degree F. Does not absord water so that the water you are moving through the lay flat hose is not contaminated from outside sources.  You can purchase this 1 1/2" red pvc discharge hose by the foot so you get the exact amount you need which reduces waste and the need to take extra space for storage.  All of our layflat hose comes with out Factory Direct Hose Satisfaction Guarantee.


Applications Ag, Industrial, Mining, Quarries, Irrigation, Construction, Portable Hydrants, Relay Supply Lines
Tube Material PVC
Working Temperature -5 F to 170 F
Approximate wall thickness .083"
Weight .24 lbs per foot
Working pressure 150 psi at 70 degrees F
Hose diameter 1 /12 inch inside diameter
Features Benefits
mildew-proof Increased durability and longevity
non-water absorbing Protects your water from contamination

Our 1 1/2” red pvc discharge hose is lightweight, easy to use and made to perform. The tube and cover are reinforced with 3 ply polyester yarn for extra strength and durability. This lay flat irrigation hose is resistant to oils, grease and to many chemicals and acids. It is lightweight yet incredibly strong for most water applications. Purchase by the foot so you can get exactly the amount you need or keep some on hand for quick assembly. Non-water absorbing and mildew proof for great protection and longevity. Maximum one piece roll length is 300 ft. Our red layflat hose comes with Factory Direct Hose’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.

**please note - returns on cut lengths under 25 ft are not accepted. Returns on cut lengths over 25 ft are subject to a 20% restocking fee

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