6" T Bolt Clamp

SKU 625
Range 6 1/32" x 6 5/16"
Band Width .75 inch
Features Benefits
Stainless steel band and plated bolt Excellent corrosion resistance
High torque Secure fit and tight seal prevents leakage

Our 6” t bolt clamp provides high tensile strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. They are the perfect choice for medium and heavy-duty applications. Clampco t-bolt clamps provide leak-proof connections for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. High torque tightening system that is lightweight and easy to use. Can be used on pipe, discharge, suction and water hose. Purchase in 1 clamp increments so you can get the exact amount of clamps you need, yet our prices are still cheaper than the competition. The 625 t clamp has a stainless steel band and plated bolt for great rust protection. Fits our 6" discharge hose.

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