What is the best flexible suction hose for low temps?

What is the best flexible suction hose for low temps?

When the temperature drops and your working out in the cold with water or other liquid the last thing you want to deal with is a stiff hose. So what is the best flexible suction hose when the temperatures drop? PVC is a great material for suction hose but when it comes to cold temps you need the right PVC. Here are some key points you want to look for:

 Low temp suction hose

  • Go Blue or Go Home: With the color blue often representing cold it makes sense that most manufacturers would make their low temperature suction hose the color blue. Typical suction hose gets stiff when temperatures approach freezing. By going blue you prevent yourself from going home because a stiff hose has got the better of you. 
  • Rating:  Look for what is the minimum and maximum temperature rating. When you are freezing out in the cold no one wants to wrestle an unruly hose. Find a hose that is rated to -40 F or close to that and you will be happy, but still cold camper.

Flexible suction hose

  • Transparent:  Why? You can see if the water is freezing inside the hose and you can see what material is flowing through it. If you let the water sit in the hose and leave it exposed to negative temps it won’t be long until you are dealing with a solid ice log. Not only does it make it difficult to lug around it can have a damaging impact on the integrity of your suction hose. If the water is moving inside your hose and it is under a little pressure it is less likely to freeze. It is like the pipes in your house. If the water sits in your pipes and it gets cold you are in for a mess. Keep that in mind when you are working outside in extreme cold temperatures with your suction hose. Having the hose transparent allows you to visually inspect it.

Blue suction hose

  • Smooth Outer Cover:  Provides for a higher-pressure rating and easier clamping ends on the hose. Struggling to put a new end on a large diameter hose never brings out the best, (but it does bring out the beast) in someone. Though the cover is smooth you still want the helix core for strength and durability. If it is clear and no helix core your hose most likely won’t last.  A smooth cover with makes it quick and secure putting you back on the job faster.


These are a couple simple recommendations that will help you to choose the right low temperature hose for your job. Always remember to wear the right cold weather work gear when braving the elements and a blue flexible suction hose will make your stay out in the cold easier and quicker. Hopefully your reading this article while sitting by the heater before heading back out into the winter wonderland. I once asked my grandpa what his favorite invention in his lifetime was? His response: indoor plumbing. We express thanks to all of those who work out in the cold so the rest of us can enjoy the comforts of heat and indoor plumbing. It is our hope a good cold weather flexible suction hose will make your life a little easier and get you back into your warm rig quicker.  

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