See how you can save drinking water, it is very easy!

See how you can save drinking water, it is very easy!


For the garden, flowers or trees, we suggest watering manually, or using a garden hose with an automatic shut-off device (gun). A more economical thing, place a barrel at the end of your gutters to collect rain water and water the garden or flowerbeds with this water. And why not use the old aquarium water not fresh filtered water? This water contains natural fertilizer that will help the growth of the green!

Watering your Grass
First, it is good to check with your municipality about the different regulations. If you are using a garden hose to water it is advised that you not leave a water hose unattended when it is under pressure. That prevents water damage if by chance your hose leaks or worse yet, bursts. Choosing a quality or the best garden hose will reduce any of these challenges.  It is recommended not to water in daylight, to prevent evaporation and burning grass. The new systems drop by drop are ideal. They consist of a perforated pipe wicking droplets at ground level, and thus limits the risk of evaporation and sunburn on lawn. Avoid drowning his lawn, which will make it lazy. For this, it must not be water more than once per week, and the run time limit.

Cleaning your Driveway
Needless to water your entry, it will not grow ... If there is dirt or leaves, a brush is more convenient and saves at least 200 liters of water! The leaves can be composted, or use them as coat on your property, protect the lawn and tree roots against the winter weather, it is also a function of their fall.

Washing the Car
Do not use running water to soap your car, a bucket of water is perfectly working. When rinsing, it is suggested to use a hose with an automatic shut-off gun, and one can only push water toward the car and losses of more than 300 liters of water is prevented!

Watering Houseplants
Why not use the water in the aquarium? This water is very rich and perfect for plants.

Bath or shower?
There are several things to do here to reduce your consumption! First, check if there are no leaks. Then you can add a switch to the shower to stop the jet when soaping. It is also possible to bring a shower called low-flow, using less than 9.5 liters / minute instead of 20 (standard). It is good to reduce the time in the shower. Just cut a few minutes while in the shower to make a difference. Same for the bathroom. A bathtub filled to the brim is not necessary. It is suggested that only half fill and to affix the plug at the very beginning and adjust the temperature thereafter it avoids waste!

Sinks and basins
First, it is advisable to turn off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving ... even when these actions are saving 10 to 20 liters of water each time. Can be added to our aerator valve which mixes the water in the air, and therefore produces a more even pressure with a small amount of water. It is also possible to install a motion detector device, which allows water to flow only when an object is located below. It is also important to check if there is no escape because a leak waits about 25 liters per day, or 10,000 l / year!

As for the bathroom, it is good to install an aerator on the faucet to reduce the flow. Also check for leaks and replace worn rubber washers. In addition, rather than rinse dishes or vegetables under running water, use a small tray filled with water.

Toilet bowl
First, it must be remembered that the toilet is not a trash can. One small paper handkerchief should not result in a loss of several liters of water! Now you can easily get toilet tank with limited without neglecting the suction force (18l old versus the new model 6l!). But if your toilet seems still in working condition, we suggest you place a plastic 2-liter filled with sand to reduce the volume of your tank. There are also small devices that can be linked to the water conduit, reducing the flow rate required.

Leaking toilet 000 l = 200 / year! Tip: To detect a leak, listen carefully or pour a few drops of food coloring in the tank, if after fifteen minutes the water in the bowl is colored ... there is a leak!

Water Heater
Isolate the reservoir provides economies but also electricity in water. How? By reducing heat loss and allowing for faster warm water. Similarly, insulate the pipes is not a bad idea. If you have the opportunity, it is suggested to minimize the distance between the water heater and most popular faucets.

Why not keep a jug of cold water in the refrigerator? This little trick eliminates the time required to obtain a cold tap water in the summer. Several liters saved!

A series of standard dishwasher uses up to two times more water than manual washing but twice as washing dishes! So, fill your dishwasher to capacity before the start or minimize the expenses of water if you wash by hand. It is also advisable to use the "economic" function. If you are about to purchase a new dishwasher, look for a water-efficient model.

Posted by Lee on November 16, 2014 at 6:28 AM
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