How to Make a Potato Stamp (In 3 Easy Steps)

How to Make a Potato Stamp (In 3 Easy Steps)

Baked, boiled, french fried, there are endless ways to cook and enjoy a potato! But their function doesn’t stop by only being a scrumptious food. Read below on how you can create your own custom Idaho Potato stamp like our video in our Idaho Potato Farmer Tribute.  

What You Need: 

  • A large Idaho Potato
  • Cookie Cutters 
  • Knife
  • Paint

Step 1: Cut your potato in half and press the cookie cutter into the potato. It is important that you press the cookie cutter into the potato as far as you can, and ensure that the imprint portion of the cutter goes into the potato.

If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can free hand draw a design. We recommend watching the #MetKids Potato stamp tutorial video if you pursue this option.

Step 2: Cut around the edge of the cookie cutter carefully and peel away the extra potato (Adults Only)

Step 3: Paint your stamp, and start creating! 

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