7 Simple Tips to Extend the Life of your Air Hose and Garden Hose

7 Simple Tips to Extend the Life of your Air Hose and Garden Hose

Tired of replacing your air hose or garden hose because it doesn’t perform or look like it did when it was new?  Tangled Garden HoseFor many applications we sincerely believe a top of the line polyurethane air hose or garden hose provides the features that everyone is looking for: lightweight yet durable, easy to use and flexible (even in cold temps), safe to use, industry proven and looks good year in and year out.  Like any product on the market there is the best garden hose and air hose and then there are those that claim to be, but their craftmanship is inferior.  There are reputable companies that make really good urethane hose. We feel ours are the best, but I am sure they feel the same about theirs. Here are a few simple tips that will extend the life and beauty of your polyurethane air hose or garden hose. 



  1. When you first get your air or garden hose - unroll it to its full length. Let it stretch out for a minute. Hose has memory. Uncoiling it allows it to recondition itself.Garden Hose  If you bought an air hose charge it with air and let it stand for a few minutes, then let out the pressure. We all need to take a deep breath and hold it in once in awhile and your air hose is no exception. The same principle applies for your garden hose. Connect it to the water spigot, unroll it, put a garden hose nozzle on the end that shuts off pressure, let the hose sit under pressure for 20-30 minutes and then use however you would like. This is a simple one-time action that will allow you to enjoy your urethane hose for a very long time.
  2. DO NOT CHAIN ROLL your hose! A major no no! Chain rolling is winding your hose up in a figure eight.Extension Cord Many people like to do this with their extension cords, but don't be shocked if your hose doesn't last if you chain roll.
  3. Always loop roll your air hose and garden hose at the end of the day. A loop roll is Garden Hose Butlerbest described as how the hose looked when you bought it. If your hose gets stiff and unmanageable – stretch it out in the sun, let it warm up and then loop roll it. Remember we mentioned that hose has memory (just in case you forgot) and that's not a bad thing - we just have to train it up right.  Use it, coil it, and it will always be easy to handle.
  4. Don't put yourself in the deep freeze! Drain your garden hose and unhook it from the faucet before freezing weather hits.Frozen Garden Hose  Not only will this prolong the life of your hose and prevent ugly cracking and stiffening, it will save you the chilling experience of having to crawl underneath your home to fix a leaking or broken faucet.
  5. If you smoke, be careful where you set down your cigarette. The cigarette tips (cherry's) are hot and will burn through a Cigarettehose fairly quickly. This sounds like a no brainer, but you would be surprised how many air and garden hoses go up in smoke.
  6. The best way to protect your air hose or garden hose and have Mounted Garden Hose Reelit retain its positive memory is to use a hose reel. Plastic reels usually do not last long.  A quality metal air hose reel or mounted garden hose reel should last for several years keeping your hose out of the way and looking and performing well.
  7. Cheap means cheap.  If the product is considerably cheaper than the other  polyurethane air hose or garden hose on the market that usually means one thing. They cut corners somewhere and you will get an inferior product. Purchasing the best garden hose or air hose for your application usually starts with finding quality. This will extend the life of your product more then anything else you will do.


Following these tips will extend the life of your hose and keep it looking nice.

For more information, visit www.factorydirecthose.com 

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