Why You Need a Factory Direct Hose Cord Reel

Here at Factory Direct Hose, our PC Series spring driven power cord reels are the best quality under even the most demanding conditions. These reels are made to provide the highest grade of industrial power sources a great, easy, place of storage.

This particular reel replaces tangled extension cords and self-retracts the cord for increased safety. Our reels increase productivity and efficiency in the work place. Having tons of hazardous electric cords lying around the shop can be extremely dangerous for the workers. Putting all the cords into a reel can really clean up the shop and keep workers and maintenance safe.


All of our cord reels have a five foot pigtail and grounding plug. These cords can mount to the wall, floor, and ceiling or in any other convenient location. Whatever the layout of your shop, there is almost always a way to fit a cord reel to add more organization. No matter how far away the reel is situated from the plug-in location, our cord reels will be able to retract the cord back into the reel without any hands-on assistance.


These cord reels are made by Coxreels in the United States of America. We provide a two year warranty (which is leading warranty length in the industry). We provide such a lengthy warranty because we believe in this product. We know you will be just as happy with this cord reel product as we are and that it will serve you well.


So do you own a shop? Do you have tons of electrical cords lying free around your shop? Then you need a cord reel from Factory Direct Hose. Do not let you or your workers get injured because of loose cords. Cord Reels are the perfect solution to any cluttered workplace problem. So go to https://www.factorydirecthose.com/product-category/cord-reels/ today to get your own PC series spring driven power cord reel.

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