Where You Need to Put an Air Hose Reel

Nearly all mechanical shops and working garages have air compressors running through a variety of different air tools and accessories. If there is an air compressor to be found in a shop that means a hose is running all around the shop running grease guns, air tools etc. This free hose can cause many accidents. But how do you keep your shop safe and clutter free with air hose scattered around? Air hose reels are the easiest and most cost efficient way to store your air hoses and keep your shop safe and tidy.


Hose reels can also we used for water, air, potable water, hot water, cold water garden and oil pumping systems. With a countless variety of applications, any shop can easily become a tangled mass of different colored hose. Not only does it look sloppy and cause safety issues, loose hoses can affect productivity. To solve this problem, many professional auto shops use a wide variety and number of hose reels. These wall mounted reels that retract automatically are making air hose storage a breeze. There are three different types of reels that companies are using; they all have slightly different applications.


The first type of reel is an open faced air hose reel. This reel is made with gauge steel and components that make it resistant to confusion, helping it withstand the rigorous environment of modern-day auto shops. It also is equipped with auto rewind. Like any good reel, this one can be mounted to the wall, ceiling, or service vehicle. Dual axle support is another feature to look at in this reel. This is good for reels that are mounted on a service truck; it gives the reel the capability to resist vehicle vibration of the vehicle it is mounted on. Closed face air hose reel are the second type of reel we will be talking about. They have become the most popular reel. Used mainly in auto mechanic shops, these reels off many advantages over the open faced model. One such advantage is that the air hose is fully protected once retracted. This feature helps protect the hose from bad weather conditions and any other hazard that could cause damage, or ruin, an air hose. Another great feature is the reels ability to wind the hose back and forth, ensuring it is wound back levelly. This is great for ensuring the hose is always retracted equally across the drum. Outer casings of closed face reels are typically made from an industrial grade polypropylene. This makes the reel ultraviolet light resistant. What makes this an interesting feature is its ability to make the reel impervious to dents and corrosion resistant.



The third and final type of air hose is the manual air hose reel. These reels can mainly be found in home mechanics (or in your garage). To retract the air hose back into the reel some manual labor has to be done. There is a lever you crank in order to “reel” the hose in. While they aren’t as durable as the other types, manual reels are cheaper in price. But if you are not using your reel for industrial purposes this reel can be very cost effective for simpler home projects.


Well there you have it. You never have to ask yourself what the applications are for different types of air hose reels. Now you can decide for yourself whether open faced, closed face, or manual air hose reels are the best fit for you or your company.

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