Now that Spring is Here: Get a New Garden Hose

Spring is here and with the planting season ahead many will start thinking about buying a new garden hose. But how do you know what kind of hose is best for you? Today we are going to give you 4 steps to choosing the perfect garden hose for you!


Our first step is to decide what length your garden hose needs to be. There are many different lengths and it is vital to know which is going to best fit your unique situation. Garden hose can be found any were from 10 feet long to 100 feet long. This is quite a big difference. Which length will be right for you? First you need to figure out the distance from your water source to the location that needs water. If you have multiple destinations that need watering pick the one that is furthest from the watering source and find out the distance between the two points. From there you can decide which of the standard (25 ft, 50ft, 75ft, or 100ft) hose sizes will work best for you. If all of these sizes are too short because you have extremely long distances over which you need to water, you can find garden hose that are longer than the standard 100ft.


The second step is to figure out how thick your hose needs (and should) be. The average hose is roughly ½ inch thick, which means it provides approximately 9 gallons of water each minute. But if you need a hose that delivers more than the standard of 9 gallons per minute, you need a thicker hose. Both 5/8 inch and ¾ inch hose should provide more water to fit your needs. But if you still need more than that just remember: the thicker the hose, the more water pressure you get over distances.


Selecting the correct material is our third step to picking the correct garden hose. While vinyl hoses are cheap the quality is not very good. With rubber they are heavier and cost more, but the quality for the cost is not good. Polyurethane is the best quality for the best price. We know that you will love this hose and it will last your for many years to come!


Fourth, and final, step to picking the right garden hose is to take into account  your budget. This will help you decide if you can afford a longer, higher quality hose. We urge you to consider the fact that while a low quality hose may be cheap, it will not last you long. It may be worth it in the long run to buy a higher quality garden hose and not have to constantly replace it. In the end, it could save you money! So go to to find the garden hose that is best for you.

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