1 inch Brass Sweeper Nozzle – 1 inch Pipe Thread (NPT)


The BN-10 1 inch brass water hose nozzle is made to last. The BN-10 is designed for 1 inch water hose to deliver optimum water flow. A grip sleeve collar makes putting on and taking off this water hose nozzle a snap. This 1″ sweeper nozzle shoots a steady stream. The gasket seal allows for drip free spraying. We guarantee you will not find a better 1 inch water hose nozzle on the market.

Please note – you cannot attach a 1 inch water hose nozzle to a garden hose or garden hose fitting because the thread on the 1 inch hose nozzle is not compatible with garden hose thread. If you need a water hose nozzle that is compatible with garden hose hose or garden hose fittings you want to order a nozzle that is labeled “garden hose nozzle”.


Length 8 inches
Thread 1 inch female pipe thread (npt)


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