Coil Garden Hose

coilgh.cl2GatorCoil and Mean Green retractable garden hose are the best on the market and will bring you years of watering pleasure. Both of these garden coil hose are lightweight, kink free and retain their coil strength. These premium coil garden hose come with all the features of standard Mean Green and GatorHyde hoses and they retain their coiling strength even when they are full of water (which many of the coil garden hose on the market struggle to do). They are both made for industrial and residential settings and are guaranteed to perform. These top of the line coiled hose are made with premium polyurethane for enhanced performance and longevity. GatorCoil coil garden hose is drinking water safe and the cover on the hose is made from recycled polyurethane making it a 50% recycled retractable hose (the tube that the water runs through is made from new polyurethane). Mean Green coil garden hose is made from 100% new polyurethane. You can’t go wrong with either one. Mean Green and GatorCoil retractable hose are Made in the USA and come with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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