3/4 Inch Garden Hose

gatorhyde.-no-sizeMean Green and GatorHyde Garden Hose are the best 3/4 inch garden hose on the market. Proven by industry and homeowners alike to last for years under heavy use. Don’t let its toughness fool you into thinking it is a bulky and cumbersome garden hose – just the opposite is true. Mean Green and GatorHyde are lightweight, very flexible and are the easiest 3/4 inch garden hoses for anyone to lift, use and coil. (compare weight to other premium garden hose). Mean Green and GatorHyde kink tangle resistant features allow you to pull it around corners or under tires without reducing water flow. Don’t worry about moving this 3/4 inch garden hose from the driveway or out of the nursery – just run it over with your car or tractor – it really is that tough. Many garden hoses will stiffen up after being outside for a little while – not Mean Green or GatorHyde. They stay flexible and don’t crack or get brittle like other hose. Not only will it be the longest lasting 3/4″ garden hose you ever own – it will look great as well. Our 3/4 inch water hose is manufactured with PURe™ polyurethane – which means it protects your plants and animals from harmful substances found in other hoses. The finest hose fittings combined with the strength of this braided polyurethane 3/4 inch garden hose makes Mean Green and GatorHyde Garden Hoses watering machines! Fully guaranteed and shipped fresh from the factory to your front door!

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