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Industrial Strength Garden Hose – without the Weight

  Garden Hose Not only is GatorHyde one the toughest garden hose you will ever own – it is truly  the lightest premium garden hose on the market. Used by the US Embassy in Moscow, Russia – GatorHyde’s ability to perform under heavy use has been proven by nurseries, landscapers, golf courses, contractors, homeowners and industry alike.

    • GatorHyde is PURe™ polyurethane garden hose – not vinyl and polyester like most others – ensuring you the highest possible performance. GatorHyde is a drinking water safe garden hose that protects you and your plants and animals from harmful substances that maybe found in other garden hose.
    • GatorHyde is a “Green” garden hose – made from 50% recycled polyurethane
    • Kink, tangle and abrasion resistant – our water hose won’t kink or tangle around corners, under tires or at the faucet
    • We don’t offer a false lifetime warranty with a bunch of small print – We do fully guarantee our garden hoses to be the best garden hose you will ever own
    • Delivers industrial strength without the weight. The easiest watering hose for anyone to lift, use and coil
    • Guaranteed Brand New – shipped fresh from the factory to your front door – not a warehoused import
    • Looks nice year after year, even if you leave it out over the winter. Doesn’t crack or get brittle over time like other garden hoses
    • Lays flat and stays out of your way allowing you to do your work without being distracted or hindered by an inferior garden hose

  LOVE your garden hoses! I’ve used your hoses around the busy stable for over a year and a half in the highly variable weather of Michigan . . . . They are left out all summer in the heat and sun, with the water pressure turned on for 8-10 hours every day as we bathe horses (and are stepped on by the horses and run over by cars and small tractors). They are even occasionally (accidentally) left out mid-winter to freeze solid. Yet they show no signs of wear and remain soft, light weight, and so easy to handle, making my job so much easier! There is absolutely no comparison to other hoses as far as I’m concerned – worth every penny!” Michelle D              Canton, MI

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GatorHyde Drinking Water Safe Garden Hose

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