Harvesting in Late Summer: A How to

Now is the time to start thinking about harvesting in your garden. There are many warm-weather crops that may be ready to harvest right now. We are going to tell you what crops can be harvested in late summer and how to go about harvesting them.


The first plants to harvest in late summer are onions, shallots, leeks, celery, pepper, eggplant, potatoes, garlic, and cabbage. Some may be ready to harvest even right now! But, when you do harvest do not harvest all at once, keep picking so the plant will continue to produce crops. Be sure that you keep track of the dates you harvested (and what you harvested on that date) so you do not get confused.


Just because some of these crops may be ready to harvest right now does not mean you should go out and pick them today. Roughly a week or two before you harvest you want to stop watering most of these crops to keep the flavor concentrated.


Other plants that should be harvested later in the summer are winter squashes, melons, tomatoes, and maybe even pumpkins. These plants take a bit more preparation before picking. About six weeks before harvest remove the growing tips from each of your tomato, cantaloupe, and other melon plants.


Some tips for maintaining the flavor and sweetness of these crops are not to expose them to excessive heat and/or over-watering. In the last week (or two) before picking, be sure that you plants are in the shade and have a reduced intake of water.


So take the time to plan out when you are going to harvest your plants this summer or fall. Plan out what crops need to be harvesting soon and which can wait a while. If you follow these tips we know you will have a wonderful harvest full of plentiful, sweet crops!

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