Planting in June: How to Begin

Many do not know when to start work in their garden, or what to do first! Today we are going to give you a to-do list of gardening tasks that should be completed before you begin planting. Now there will be no confusion on starting the gardening process!


Task 1 is to prepare your garden beds for planting. Use the compost you have been making over the winter and spread it throughout you garden. If you have not been making compost over the winter that is okay! You can start now or you can buy organic compost at your local gardening store. To learn how to make your own compost check out our previous blog post


2nd Task: clear out all the weeds. Before you begin your planting clear-up your garden. Having all the weeds cleared out of your garden will ensure that your soil is well prepared and aid in freeing up the clotted soil. Tasks 1 and 2should actually be done one the same day. Free up your garden of weeds and then add compost to the torn-up dirt.


The 3rd task is to prune. This should be done on all fruits and shrubbery. Pruning on your rose bushes will help prepare them for our 4th task. Now for some hedges cutting them back all at once is not successful; it only works if the hedge is in its absolute prime. Be gradual in your pruning. Gradually prune your hedges back to give them the best shot at success.


Task 4: Mulch, Mulch, Mulch! This is going to be the secret to your flower beds this growing season. Mulching as early in the year as possible will allow the mulch time to seep into the soil. It will help you throughout the year by retaining moisture and protecting from weeds. Your roses, fruit, and perennials will thank you for taking the time to mulch early on in the season.


Task 5 is last but not least and that is to begin sowing! Be sure that your soil has reached 43 degrees (Fahrenheit) before you begin to sow your crops in the outdoors. It is June so the chances of it not being above this is highly unlikely, but still it is good to know.


No one should feel clueless when it comes to what to do in the garden before planting. So get out in your garden and kickoff your planting season the right way before it is too late to begin planting.

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