Why You Need an Industrial Air Hose

A must have for any professional contractor, shop owner, or DIY enthusiast is an industrial air hose. For those of us who have worked with air hose, we know that it can be extremely frustrating to work with a poor quality air hose. Lots of these low-quality air hose kink up or loose connection while you are using them. This can waste time when your deadlines are tight, but it can also be extremely dangerous.


In the past few years there have been big advances in the technology of manufacturing air hose. These advances allow air hose to be made from materials other than the traditional rubber and PVC materials. Now, lots of manufacturers are making nice, high-quality, polyurethane air hose. This new material makes air hose drastically more durable. Polyurethane makes a hose highly efficient in industrial use and offers a fantastic overall performance, this is one of the best qualities of our industrial air hose.


Here at Factory Direct Hose we make it our mission to stay up to speed with the technological advances this modern day and age brings. This means we feature the best industrial air hoses available on the market today. On our website (www.factorydirecthose.com) you can find a phenomenal selection of both straight and coiled air hose. All of them are guaranteed to offer you dependable. We offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Not only are these air hose high-quality, they are also incredible light. Pair it with one of our air hose manifolds, and you will have the ability to connect to 3 industrial air hose to a single air source.


Let us become your primary source for getting only the absolute best industrial air hose. If you have any questions regarding our air hose, or fittings, contact us today. By allowing us here at Factory Direct to become your top choice in hose supply, you will benefit from not just our superior quality products, but Factory Direct prices as well.

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