All About Lay Flat Hose

Lay flat hose have so many advantages when compared to other hoses. They are great when it comes to transport, storage, handling, and usage. It is so easy to store because it lays flat: hence the name. If you work with construction or irrigation they are perfect; they make transportation for water available in areas where it would not have been easy.


Lay flat hose are also extremely flexible. Most are made from PVC which makes for extreme flexibility and kink resistance. Everyone has experienced the frustration of hoses that will not stop kinking or won’t bend in the way you want. There is no fear of this with lay flat hose. Another great feature of these hose is that they are super oxidizing resistant. Because these hoses are crafted finely, with yarn reinforcements and incredible fusion of both inner and outer walls, they resist reducing agents along with alkalis and acids. This means that they have longer before they begin to rot and have abrasions. With their lengthy life-usage many use lay flat hose as a protection sleeve over their other water hoses. Extremely helpful in irrigation and construction settings, this feature can increase your hoses lifespan or you can just use the covering as a hose on its own.


Being lightweight is another great feature of lay flat hose. Because they are made of PVC, and materials that let them lay flat, they are incredibly light and easy to pack around. They are by far the easiest hose to store and carry about. As previously stated, these qualities make them prime for irrigation and construction settings. Another setting that these hose can be utilized in is food clean up. Lay flat hose can be joined together with couplings so that they can reach whatever distance is needed.


Here at Factory Direct Hose we offer many different options for lay flat hose! Got to to find a product that best suits your needs!


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