How to Keep Plants Healthy in Summer: Watering

Watering is key for keeping your plants thriving during the dreaded heat waves of the summer season. Many gardeners do not know how to keep their plants well-watered in the heat. The key is not how much you water, but if you water effectively.

Having a set schedule for watering can be helpful for a garden, but can be detrimental to the summer survival of your flowers. Rather than having a schedule, have a few times throughout the day where you check if your plants need watering. You will know your plants need watering if the soil is a light brown, dry color. If they are dark in color they have plenty of water for the time being. Water your plants that need water and let the ones that don’t be. This tactic can ensure that you don’t over water your plants and that plants do not go too long without getting a much needed drink.

We also highly recommend that you do not water at night. Night-time is the coolest time of the day so water does not evaporate as much as it does in the heat of the day-time. If you water your plants in the late evening, your plants may stay wet overnight. Go check your plants between 5:30-6:30 every night and see if your they need water. If they do not need water, leave them alone until morning.

Your watering schedule can help your plants stay healthy, but how you water is another important skill that helps your flowers flourish. When watering, make sure that one area does not get more water than another. The entire root zone of the plant should be moist and dark when you are finished. If you have a big container full of plants you may need as much as a gallon of water to ensure that all the roots receive water. Having the entire root zone is important in helping your plants grow and it can make your life easier by letting your water less frequently.

Over watering can be detrimental to your potted plants health. If a plant sits in water for long periods of time, the soil will stay wet for hours at a time. Make sure that all your pots are set up to allow extra water to flow away from the pot after watering.

These are just a few tips to keep your garden healthy over the hot summer months. If you water your plants properly, they will thrive through the heat and stay beautiful all season long!

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