How to Keep Your Lawn Green this Summer

Keeping your lawn green is extremely difficult in the hot summer months. One way you can get rid of brown patches and keep your grass health is to have a proper lawn hose. Today we are going to tell you what you need to know so you can purchase a lawn hose that will keep your lawn green and lush this summer.

As I am sure you know, there are so many different lawn hoses to choose from. When you are shopping, probably from a wide array of distributors, you probable found a huge assortment of rubber, vinyl, and polyurethane hoses made for your lawn. Hoses made especially for your lawn can come in many different lengths and widths. This is to accommodate the many different uses of lawn hoses. Certain lengths and widths are used for different things. This means that you choose your length based on just exactly what you want to get out of your hose. Since we here at Factory we are a leading supplier of lawn hoses. This mean that we are more than qualified to help you figure out what lawn hose best fits the requirements you are looking for.


An extremely important step in finding the perfect lawn hose is figuring out your price range. If you are trying to keep to a strict budget, vinyl hoses are the way to go; they aren’t very expensive. Even though the price is great, it is important for you to know that these hoses do wear out very quickly and aren’t as high quality as other hoses: hence the low price. So though they will save you money now, it may be worth paying for a nicer hose in the long run.


Rubber hoses are also a really popular option. They are more durable than vinyl hoses, but this also makes them heavier. Because of this added weight, they are a lot easier to manage than short-length hose.


Both those options are great for certain situations, but we recommend polyurethane lawn hose. Like vinyl hose, polyurethane is light (making it easier to handle). But that is where the similarity ends. Polyurethane hoses are far more durable and will last for many many years if taken care of properly. If you would like to know more about this type of hose look at our Mean Green Hoses. Trust us, you will never go back to vinyl or rubber lawn hose ever again. Go to category/garden-hose/ to find out more and get yours today!

So go out and buy yourself a polyurethane hose today and keep your garden green and lush these hot months. You won’t regret it!

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