How to Keep Earwigs Out of Your Garden This Summer

Some of the biggest pests in the garden are earwigs. While they can sometimes be helpful by feeding on other garden pests, they also can ruin our garden by getting into lettuce heads, zucchini flowers, and all other crops in the garden. Well no need to fear. We are going to teach you how to get these creepy crawlers out of your garden.


One way to get rid of these pests is to trap them. This is great because it will not upset the harmony of your garden. The reason earwigs are in your garden is because they love moisture. Take a few pages of newspaper and crumple them into wads, get them slightly damp and place them all throughout your garden before the sun sets. The next morning, go out and collect your traps. But be careful not to unravel the newspaper or else the earwigs could escape and efforts will have been wasted. Take the newspaper wads and place in into an empty bucket. Once you have collected all the wads in your bucket, fill it with hot and soapy water; this will drown all the earwigs that have been caught in the traps. Do this for a couple of days to ensure that all of the earwigs out of the garden.


Another option besides trapping the earwigs is to kill them. This can be done by sprinkling diatomaceous earth throughout your garden (just be sure to take out any mulch prior to spreading). Diatomaceous earth is a powdered fossil dust that will scratch the soft parts off the bodies of earwigs, this kills the earwigs of dehydration. But this task must be done with extreme caution! If inhaled it can cause scarring on the lungs along with many other complications.


Earwigs are a nasty pest to have roaming about the garden. But it is relatively simple to take care of them through both trapping and exterminating them. Don’t let earwigs rule your garden this summer! Take the necessary precautions to ensure all your crops are safe and sound this gardening season.

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