High Quality Air Couplers

Anyone who as ever worked with an air hose, from professionals to amateurs, can appreciate the efficiency of a high-quality air hose. They also know that any time you work with air tools you need a few extra hose couplers as emergency replacements. Air couplers complement a good air hose. If you have a bad coupler it does not matter how good your air hose is. If you have ever experienced the frustration of a low quality hose coupler you should know that Factory Direct Hose is home to the finest air hose couplers around.


Every single one of our air hose couplers is precision molded. This provides them with an airproof seal that is extremely tight. A coupler disconnecting while the air hose are in use can be extremely dangerous. Our superior couplers are equipped with a ball-locking mechanism to protect you from these dangerous disconnections. These features, along with high-end gripping sleeves, are what make our air hose couplers the prime product for anyone using air hose.


We know it can be frustrating, and dangerous to work with air tools and everyone claims to have the perfect fix. You don’t need a special product to improve your air tools. All you need are the right air hose, the right reel, and the right couplers and you are set. If you happen to have any question about our air hose couples, air hose, reels, or any other product featured through Factory direct Hose, we highly encourage you to contact us. We take pride in answering any questions you may have.


In addition to having great customer service, and high quality air couplers, we also have great prices you can only find at Factory Direct. From our industrial couplers to our automatic hose couplers you can find many different, and helpful, couplers at Factory Direct. In addition to great service and high quality hose couplers, you will benefit from factory direct savings. We are completely confident that you cannot find more precisely manufactured couplers for such a good price anywhere. You will be more than happy with the connection strength and quality of our air hose couplers.

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