How to Harvest Herbs and Spices: Coriander Seeds

The flavor of Coriander is really unique. It is slightly citrusy and nutty, making it pair nicely with lentils rice and roasted/grilled vegetables. This herb and spice, it is considered both, is a great thing to grow in your garden. But when exactly is it best to harvest it?


There are two stages you can harvest Coriander. This first phase is when the seeds are still young and bright green; the second is when the seeds have gotten older and turned brown. We recommend harvesting them during the first stage because the flavor of Coriander is sharper. The only place you can find green Coriander seeds is in your own garden, they cannot be found in the store! Put your seeds in a lidded container (preferably a glass one) and you can put them in the fridge where they will keep for a few weeks. Or, you could put your harvest in the freezer, Coriander typically freezes well too.


But if you still rather harvest the mature seed (to use for next year’s planting) this can be great to grind up and use all winter long! Just wait until most of the Coriander seeds have turned brown and then cut off the heads of the seeds along with a couple of inches of the stalk: hang them upside down inside a brown paper bag. Wait until the seeds are fully dry, you will know they are once they fall out of the heads and gather in the bottom of the bag. Then store the dry seeds in a lidded dry in a cool and dry location. To get the best flavor out of your Coriander grind it right before you use it. You will be amazed at the difference in taste of freshly ground Coriander seed from the pre-ground store-bought stuff you usually use. Experiment with your Coriander! Here is a little hint: ground Coriander goes really well with cumin. So just add a little bit of your ground Coriander to any of your recipes that call for cumin.

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