Get an Early Start on Planting

Spring is almost here, but what if you want to get a head start and plant a bit early? 

We are going to tell you about multiple things you can plant in the winter: garlic, lettuce, potatoes, and kale. Here are our tips for you to plant these delicious vegetables.

In order to plant garlic in the winter, keep your bulbs four inches apart. Don’t water them until shoots come up. This plant needs only a little bit of attention. Unlike garlic, lettuce needs lots of water. There are certain types of lettuce won’t do well in the cold months chervil and cress on the other hand do really well in these colder climates. It is best to plant to plan your seeds in January or early February.

Peas are another winter-time vegetable that are fairly easy to plant. The months to plant these are November and February: shelling or snap peas are the best kinds. You want to plant them two inches deep into the ground and give them a pole to climb on. They are also very very delicate so you may want to cover them, though it is not necessary.

Potatoes are another good plant to sow in the winter. The best month to plant these is in February. Potatoes grow from pieces of tubers that you plant. The tubers usualle have one eye, or you can plan a whole tuber that is just very small.

Kale is the last crop we are going to tell you about. Greens are typically very easy to grow. They grow all year and make salads absolutely delicious. They will love the winter temperatures and not seed until the warmer weather. This means you should keep them in good soil and keep them cool. Trust me, it will be worth it!

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