Garden Pest Control: Keeping out Ant

Gardening season is in full swing and that means that pests are too. One of the biggest pests people complain about are ants. Ants do help us, believe it or not. Unlike some other pests, ants are clean and do not leave droppings or eggs wherever they go. They do have one major fault and that is destroying food; they can make your food impossible to eat.  This means that ants inside your house need to be taken care of.


Once they get inside your house, ant infestations are difficult to deal with. It is not often a good idea to use harsh chemicals in your home because they are poisonous. You can use these pesticides in your garden, but ants are actually a great use in your garden. Unnecessary growth like fungi (or even other small pests) can disappear thanks to ants. But yet ant-hills can be such a menace. The solution is to let ants live in your garden but make sure they do not create ant-hills that can destroy your garden.


There is a good chance that the ants that are living in your garden are the same ants that come into your house searching for food. Foods high in sugar are the foods ants are most attracted too. You can prevent an infestation by storing these foods in a place where they are not exposed to open air. However, if you are already dealing with an infestation, you will need to gt rid of them in the most natural way.


Common ingredients in your house can be used to control ants, this is a completely natural method. Probably the most popular of these ant-control methods is to use talcum powder in the areas infested. Also, you should be sure to follow the ant trails and sprinkle talcum powder along them; this method causes the trails to break. Once these ant trails are broken, the ants will not come back.


Another natural means of controlling ants is to use cinnamon and black pepper. Like the previous method using talcum powder, these spices are to be sprinkled in the infested areas and on the ant trails. To take your ant-control a step further, follow an ant trail to the source outside and sprinkle all along this trail. This is a great way of ensuring that the ants that are outside will remain outside and will not venture inside.


Vinegar is the final means of ant control we are going to talk about today. Not only does vinegar act as a replant to ants, it also acts as a disinfectant. So in a sense you are cleaning while you are getting rid of ants. You can use straight-up vinegar but it is best to dilute it a little when you are using it to control ants.


If you do not have any of these resources, you can try using bay leaves and cloves. Though they are not as effective as vinegar, pepper, and cinnamon they can still help.

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