Garden Hose Upkeep Through the Winter

Winter is often the time that many garden hoses get damaged or destroyed. This can be due to the harsh weather condition or because it is not stored in a safe location.

We all know that keeping your garden hose in shape is a very important, it will save you the money of having to deal with all the many problems that can happen to your hose: saving you lots money.

When you store your hose for winter, which is extremely vital, there are some very important steps. First you want to be sure that you drain your hose. Get out as much water as possible because if it stays it will freeze and expand. This can make cracks and leaks in your hose. Along with draining it, make sure it is disconnected from your hose bibs, and that your hose bibs have been winterized. To find out how to winterize your hose bibs read our past blog:

Be sure you check for damage. Start at one end of the hose and check for broken fittings and cracks. If you do find any cracks, just cut that section of the hose off (as straight as possible) and replace it with a hose mender. Be sure to double check your hose’s washers, if they need to be replaced go for rubber washers ( we recommend them as a good replace them). Also be sure to store your hose inside. This really ensures your hose will last longer. A heated garage is really the best place to store it.


We hope you learned a little more about how to care for your garden hose. Take these necessary steps so that your hose can be in prime condition when spring hits! Don’t let the winter ruin your garden hose!


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