Flowers to Plant in the Heat of Summer

watering plants with watering can

Nothing is more beautiful than the color that is added to a garden by flowers. But flowers are not just an exquisite visual aid, they attract pollinators like bees to the garden. This is why planting flowers in the early spring can actually aid in the success of your garden throughout the entire season; as the pollinators rush to your flowers in the early season, they will be more likely to make your garden a regular visiting point. Today we are going to tell you about a few flowers that are perfect to plant right now in the heat of summer.


Bulbs are the obvious choice when it comes to hardy, resilient flowers. Bulbs, if given proper care, can bloom before snow has even melted. For gardeners who live in areas where snow does not melt until late April or May these flowers are a must for spring planting. A few bulbs we recommend planting in the beginning of the season are the Crested Iris, Snowflake, and Winter Aconite. All of these flowers can thrive in colder areas and will attract pollinators to your garden.


To many people’s surprise there are some perennial flowers that can also thrive in the warm months of summer. The upside to this type of flower is that they will last through the season and return to your garden again the next season—without you having to replant them! A few kinds of perennials we recommend to plant in early spring are the Creeping Phlox and Virginia Bluebells.


Now bulbs and perennials are not alone in being able to bloom and thrive in the beginning of gardening season, flowering shrubs can also do quite well. Shrubs are great because they do not need to be planted in the garden. They can liven up pretty much any space in your yard. It is great to have a flowering shrub in the front of the yard in early spring or to add some color to your walkway. Four of the flowering shrubs we recommend planting are the Vernal Witchhazel, Mahonia, Cornelia Cherry Dogwood, and Spicebush.


Planting flowers in summer can bring about much good in your garden, beyond adding color and beauty. They attract pollinators, like bees, that will stay throughout the entire season. So go to your local gardening store today and pick up some bulbs, perennials, or flowering shrubbery and get planting today!

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