Fall Weeding in Your Garden

Harvesting season is fast approaching and one thing that is vital to your crops survival is lack of weeds. Weeding consistently can help this problem. It can be a long, arduous task but it does not necessarily have to be that way. Today we are going to tell you three different things you need to know to make this boring task as easy and efficient as possible. So grab your gardening gloves and head out to the garden and get weeding!


Our first weeding tip is to mulch. There are so many benefits to mulching it is impossible to count them. Mulch keeps the soil cool, moist, and it deprives weeds of the light they need to thrive. The best kinds to get are the organic mulches because they will attract crickets and other insects that will come to your garden and eat away your pesky weeds. Though mulch blocks out a lot of light it does not block out all of it. This is why it is vital that the mulch supply is kept at roughly two inches deep at all times. If you cannot get mulch, you can cover weeds with any light-blocking source: cardboard, newspaper, etc. One thing we do not recommend is to use any drugs on your weeds. Organic matters are healthier and work better!


The second piece of advice we have for you is to pull out weeds when the conditions are prime. This means that if you wake up in the morning and it is raining you might want to plan some time that day to do your weeding. Wet soil makes weeds loose and easy to pull out. Get your gloves and a tarp to collect your weeds on and head outside. But, do not forget a sitting pad: if it has just rained you could be getting wet and you don’t want that!


Third, and finally, we recommend you use the right tools when pulling out a particularly tough weed. Table forks are surprisingly helpful for twisting out tough weeds like henbit. When you are dealing with extremely big weeds it does good to use a tool called the fishtail weeder. This tool is prime for pulling up taprooted weeds including plants like dandelion. Also, it never hurts to use the staples like a hoe and a shovel.


Now you know how to best go about weeding, get some mulch, only weed when conditions are prime, and use the proper tools. You will find that you may even enjoy the time you spend in your garden weeding!

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