Crops You Can Get An Early Start On Planting

Many feel like they don’t have enough time to plant all the crops they want too. But we are here to tell you about the crops you can get an early start on planting. So grab your tools and head to the garden and start planting some of your favorite crops now! 


Many do not know that many winter vegetables sweeten with the cold. After you taste your fresh carrot or winter-cut spinach you will understand.


When considering winter gardening you need to take your climate into account. Winter is great for lots of different crops in the south. In the north you can grow the same crops if you use winter-protection devices to aid in making winter a productive season.


Examples of winter-protection devices are cold frames, greenhouses, quick-hoop systems, and so much more. All of these help to capture some natural warmth from the earth at night. They also aid the drying effect of the wind and can block the chilling.


At any latitude in the US, there is certainly enough daylight to grow crops: contrary to popular belief. Some areas of difficulty when it comes to winter gardening are Ontario, Wisconsin, Texas, and Southern California. Southern areas can be surprisingly difficult due to the fact that temperatures can shift daily: warm one day, frost the next. Though Fall temps are really good to cultivating crops.


Wherever you are you need to cater to your particular area’s climate. If you live in the South you need to be sure to find a device that can handle sharp changes in temperature. If you live in a place that is consistently cold and has frozen ground you just need a consistent and frost-resistant. No matter where you live you can find out how to garden in the winter in your particular area. Most of all have fun enjoying your fresh vegetables all year round!

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