Crops to Plant Before Summer Begins

Summer is nearly here, and the season for planting is nearly over. Planting crops can be a daunting task for those who are inexperienced. Today we are going to give you the push you need to plant a garden for the first time. We are going to give you 7 easy crops that you can plant; this way you are not overwhelmed, but you still can start a garden and get rid of that guilt!


The first crop that will be simple for you to plant is radishes; these are great because they can thrive in soil conditions that might not be optimal. Radishes are amazing in the fact that they are ready to harvest after only a few weeks. The best time to plant them is anytime throughout spring and in the early fall.


Green beans are next. Super simple to plant and abundant, green beans for any beginning gardener. It is best to plant them once all danger of frost is gone.


Next, are potatoes; there are two easy ways to plant potatoes. First you can plant them the typical way: in soil. The second is extremely low-maintenance method. Try planting your potatoes in straw. Especially if you are new to gardening, this will make things easier on you. Plant your potatoes in early spring.


The fourth crop to plant is peppers (either hot or bell). To get many different colors of your peppers, let each pepper ripen for a different span of time. This is a good method for getting the different colors and flavors, as long as you do not let any of the peppers ripen for too long. You don’t want over-ripe peppers!


Tomatoes are the next easy crop for you to plant. This crop is an absolute must for any garden: you just can’t seem to go wrong with tomatoes. Plant these in spring.


For the 6th crop we have is zucchini. The good thing about this type of produce is that it does not take up much space in the garden: it also is extremely abundant. Since it is so plentiful, just get a few of these plants unless you want to produce it in the masses.


The last simple crop to plant is onions. For a beginning gardener it is a good idea to just start with small onion plants. If they do really well, harvest the bulbs. But, if things don’t go quite as well as you hope then you can just harvest the greens. This makes onions the perfect plant for  beginners; no matter how well you do you will have something to show for all your hard work.


So there you have it, no matter if you have experience in the garden or not you can still get started and have a fantastic planting season. With these 7 crops you can know that your garden will be successful because they are simple to plant yet amazing to harvest! So go out today and plant while you still can. Don’t let fear keep you from growing your garden this year.

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