Controlling Weeds in Your Flower Bed

No matter how well you take care of your flower bed it seems like weeds always seem to come in and take over. There are many different methods of keeping your landscape, and garden, free of these nasty weeds. If you follow this guideline you can create, over time, an effected weed control program that will reduce the growth of unwanted plants.


When you originally planted your flower bed in the spring you probably noticed an influx in weeds. This is due to the fact that the now fertile soil conditions are optimal for weed seeds to grow under the surface. In order to create a good weed control program, you need to initially use precautionary measures. Before you begin to plant your seeds it is vital that you clear out the soil. This should happen two weeks prior to your planting date. This allows the weed seeds to germinate and you can get rid of all of them prior to planting; this can be done by raking.


It is vital that you not rake too deep. This allows the dormant weed seeds that are deep in the soil to germinate as well.  This preventative measure helps stop the growth of weed before they are allowed to grow large enough to become an unsightly problem. Another important step is to not disturb your flower bed soil too much. This is important because it, like raking can prevent those inactive weeds from germinating.

A second weed control method is mulching. Once your flower bed has been planted, you can apply organic mulch in between flowers. When mulching, make sure the soil is completely covered and that the mulch does not touch your flower stems. Organic mulch has many useful qualities beyond weed control: it helps keep an optimum soil temperature, and lessens the soil’s water requirement.


If you want your weed control regime to be effective, you must be attentive to your garden/flowerbed and monitor the growth of new weeds. A watchful eye will let you see when a weed is emerging. You can then remove the weeds (by the root) immediately. Using a stirrup hoe or a circle hoe can be especially helpful when picking out these weeds.


No matter how much you do to prevent it some weeds will still appear in your flower bed. For these nasty perennial weeds you can use treatments like herbicide. Just follow the instructions on you herbicide bottle and your weeds will be gone in no time. If your flower bed is crowed use a shield (like a trash can lid) to protect your flowers. When you are purchasing your herbicide, make sure to verify that the herbicide works on the weeds that are in your particular flower bed.


The flower bed weed control methods can be effective if you keep a watchful eye and are vigilant in your efforts. If you do this your flower bed can flourish this season!


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