Building A Compost Bin Before Spring

In Spring it is really good to have lots of compost for your garden. So now would be the time to start building a compost bin so that you can begin composting to have lots come spring.

When you are building your compost bin, it is very prudent that you understand the basic guidelines. Probably the most popular method of building compost bins is to use wood pallets. This method is so popular because wood pallets are normally not expensive and can even occasionally be found for no price at all. When deciding which wood pallets to use be sure you know which type of wood your pallets are made from. Some wood is less likely to rot than others. Choose woods like this for building your compost bin. As hard as it is to believe, softwoods (like pine) are mostly more rot resistant than hardwoods.


A generic wood pallet is 40 inches to 44 inches tall. A compost bin normally should not be taller than 36 inches. Any taller and you will have difficulty managing it. This means that you should alter your pallets to get them to the right height.


Prior to building, it is vital you think about the placement of the boards. Your compost bin should not be placed too far from your home. This will make it a chore and make you less likely to be consistent. But it also should not be too close to your home. This will cause unpleasant odors.  Give careful though to where your compost post should be. Once it is constructed it will be too heavy for you to move, so plan it out long before.

You also need to check with your local and city ordinances to figure out if there are any building permits you need or whether or not any restrictions apply: this should be done before building.  You do not want to be fined and have to take down a compost bin you have taken such a long time to build. Not over lack of checking, on your part, of local ordinances.


Composting is a fantastic way to help our planet, along with giving you organic material for your garden. By building your own compost bin you ensure that you have precisely the bin you need for your own needs.

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