All About Air Compressor Hose Reels


In our last blog we talked all about air compressor hose. Today we are going to talk to you about all the qualities to look for in a reel to complement that air compressor hose!


Air hose reels are mainly used for industrial, factory purposes. But in recent years many people are buying these reals for residential use. There are an array of different purposes an air hose reel may be used for. Even if you are not constantly needing to complete projects involving compressed air, reels are still a great investment. They keep air hoses safe, prevent damage, and make storing your air hose comfortable and convenient.


Many different types of air hose reels exist with a wide variety of features. The eventual needs for the air hose would determine the exact features required in an air hose reel. However, there are features that need to be looked at before you buy your air hose. Here are the features you need to look at in order to find the reel that best fits your needs.


Hose Length

There are many different lengths of air hose; they can be anywhere from 8-15 meters. The scale of operation, space in which reel is used, and your preference are what determine the length of hose you should buy. Large scale operations require large scale hose, and large scale reels.


Hose Material

Rubber and PVC are the most popular air hose materials. These materials can have varying costs. Looking at the quality and price should both be looked at. We personally recommend our polyurethane air hose. These work great and if you are investing in an air hose reel you should invest in a good air hose as well.


Air Inlet Size

The Air Inlet sizes on air hose reels are normally 3/8 of an inch, or ¼ of an inch. Rubber air hose reel will normally have a larger air inlet size than a PVC air hose (typically having a smaller air inlet size).


Maximum Air Pressure

Somewhere between 200 psi and 300 psi are the standard pressure ranges of an air hose reel. Make sure your air hose doesn’t have more air pressure than your reel’s maximum air pressure.


Reel Material

Plastic and steel are the two most popular reel materials. Both of these products work well. But, steel air hose have more capability in allowing more air pressure than plastic.


Reel Mounting

Typical air hose reels are mounted on the wall or ceiling with brackets. More portable options exist but these should only be used if the air pressure and utility are less demanding. Make sure your reel mounting best fits the amount of air pressure you will be using. You do not want a reel that cannot meet the demands of your project.


Hose Reel Features

Make sure your reel comes with already fitted inlets. Outlets of the desired material and sizes should also be included. If you have any other features you need for your reel make sure they are included before you purchase your reel.



Air hose reels can weigh anywhere from 6.6 pounds to 33 pounds (or more). Whatever air inlet size, air pressure, and preference you have should determine how much you want your air hose reel to weigh.

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