All About Air Compressor Hose

Today we are going to tell you all about air compressor hoses. An air compressor hose is an air hose that connects to an air compressor at one end, and to air tools on the other. You must be sure to pick a hose that’s connector is compatible with your air compressor. There is a little wiggle room, you can make some hoses work with a compressor even if they are not truly compatible. But, if a hose is truly compatible it will have a tight seal, maintain stable air pressure, and have the proper power outlet.


If your air compressor hose and air compressor are not compatible a lot of things can happen. First off the connector can get damaged and the hose can become damaged, bent, or kinked. If any of these problems cause air to come out of the hose it needs to be replaced. Incompatibility can also cause cold or dry air to travel through the hose. This can make the hose not last as long as it typically could. Third is can make too much pressure travel through the hose and this can cause seepage throughout the hose. To sum it up, be sure your air compressor hose is compatible with the air compressor.


When you are choosing your air compressor hose there are two kinds you can choose from. The first are retractable hoses. These hoses are straight and do not bend or coil. It is best to use them with an air hose reel because it makes them easier to store. There are many different kinds of air hose to get, check out our blog on air hose reels to find out the different kinds you can buy

The second kind of air compressor hose is a coiled hose. These hoses are more compact and are of smaller length After use they will always shrink back into their original coiled state.

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