The Advantages and Disadvantages of Coil Garden Hose

There are many advantages of coil garden hose, many people like them for their retractable qualities and ease in storage. But, there are many disadvantages as well. Today we are going to make you aware of both the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to coil garden hose.


We will begin with the disadvantages; the biggest disadvantage of this type of hose is that they sometimes are not as functional as hoses of other styles. Many other types of garden hose can attach to multiple kinds of tools; coiled garden hose cannot connect to anywhere near as many tools as the typical garden hose.


Another big disadvantage is that they can be a hazard. Now, all garden hose can be hazardous if they are not stored (and cared for) properly. The thing about coil garden hose is that they do not rest on the ground making it easier for someone to trip over them if they are not recoiled into a resting position: they can knock over a lot of pots as well.

Lastly, these hose are not great for a wide variety of jobs. They work their best when being used for smaller, compact spaces. If you have a lot of hanging flower baskets on your porch, or just plants surrounding your porch or balcony, they are perfect. But when it comes to doing that as well as watering your garden and washing your car they are not always the best choice. Keep in mind what you need your hose for when deciding if a coil garden hose is going to work best for you.


Now on to the advantages: these hose are smaller than the typical garden hose but can still stretch to fit your needs. After they have been stretched out they will return to the coiled shape, no reel needed! This is great if you want to by a garden hose that can be stored efficiently without having to pay for a reel. They store great in a hose pot or even just in the natural coiled position (just be sure it fully returns to the coiled shape when you are finished using it or else it can be hazardous).


Because they are smaller, and must be able to coil, this type of garden hose is extremely lightweight. It is not difficult to move around from place to place as you go about your gardening tasks. And, if you buy one that is good quality, they resist kinking, abrasion, and damage from the sun.


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Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of coil garden hose you can make a well educated decision on what type of garden hose is right for you!

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