4 Tasks For Every Garden To Prep For Spring

For many gardeners, winter can be rough. There is no planting, weeding, or harvesting to complete and nothing can be done until Spring, right? Wrong, today we are going to tell you about 4 different tasks that need to be completed before Spring planting. This means you can do some aspects of gardening now rather than waiting around for the warmer months. Though there are some crops you can get started on now (as we mentioned in our previous blog), there are some that just cannot be planted until the spring. If you don’t have any crops that can be planted early, these 4 tasks will help you be able to do a bit of “garden work” now before spring planting begins.


Our first task is to think about past gardening experiences. If  there are certain crops you have grown previously that have done really well think back to what you did to make them successful. Plan what you are going to do to make your garden successful. If there is a certain plant that you have tried multiple times and never been successful with, maybe you don’t want to plan to grow it this season. Keep in mind where you live, planting crops in Idaho is going to be very different than planting in Virginia. Ask friends or neighbors who have successfully gardened in the past what they did to make their garden prosperous. Do you research and plan what you will do to ensure a strong, healthy garden this season.


Second you want to map out your garden. This does not need to be something major. You do not need to even have a physical map, but just getting a general idea about what crops will go where is extremely helpful in prepping. Be sure that you know how your plants will get plenty of light, water, space, and soil. If you want, actually drawing a scale map of your garden and filling in what will go where can be extremely useful. By mapping (either physically or mentally) you ensure that your garden is organized and that planting is a quick, efficient procedure.


The third task is to order your seeds. There is nothing worse than going to the store to buy your seeds come spring and realizing they either don’t have what you need or that they have run out. Since you already have your garden mapped out, it should be easy to order seeds. Order now, so that the crops you want are not sold out or back-ordered: the earlier the better.


Once your seeds come it is time for the fourth task: organizing the seeds. Check to make sure that exactly what you ordered is what you have. If there is anything missing contact your provider right away to sort through any difficulties. Next, separate your seeds by planting date. Whatever is going in first should go together etc. If there are plants going into a greenhouse rather than they should be together and then be sorted by planting by planting date.

Also take this time to make sure you have all the supplies you need. You don’t want to start planting only to realize you don’t have what you need! So there you have it, even if you don’t have crops to be planted early you still can participate in gardening by getting ready for spring. Every gardener has tasks they should do now, before the rush of planting season hits!

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