For those looking for wholesale air hose, garden hose or hose fittings Factory Direct Hose is your source for top of the line hose products. We offer private labeleling which includes your product name and number printed directly on the hose. All of our products have received tremendous customer feedback and will distinguish your business as a provider of quality products that will outlast and outperform the competition. Because you buy direct you can afford to offer the best products at the best prices to your valued customers. Here are some of the products we offer for wholesale, private labeling or bulk purchases.

Wholesale Air Hose Air Pro polyurethane air hose is truly the best air hose on the market and is patented to ensure that it will always deliver the highest performance. There are several things which distinguish Air Pro air hose from the other top of the line air hose available today. For the customer who demands the highest quality Air Pro will exceed expectations even under the heaviest of use and extreme conditions. Air Pro is extremely lightweight, offers the most kink and abrasion resistance, while always laying flat and keeping out of the way so the professional can complete the job at hand without interruption. This is the best air hose your customer will find, hands down. Air Pro air hose comes with industrial grade reusable ends, stays flexible to -40 F ensuring and can be used for air or water applications. Available in ¼, 3/8 and ½ inch inner diameter sizes and there are 7 color choices to choose from. Made in the USA.

Bulk Air HoseContractor’s Choice Rubber Air Hose is available in ¼ to 2 inch sizes. This top of the line EPDM rubber air/water air hose is made in the USA. Contractor's Choice rubber air hose is tough and durable and can handle 200 F. Custom length options are available.

Wholesale Garden HoseOur Gatorhyde and Mean Green garden hoses are the newest most revolutionary garden hoses available anywhere. They are extremely lightweight, kink and abrasion resistant, and easy to use. For those needing a drinking water safe garden hose we offer our Gatorhyde hose which meets drinking water safe standards and is lead free. The hose ends used on these top of the line garden hoses are industrial strength brass fiitings. Our Gatorhyde hose comes with nickel and chrome plated brass ends ensuring that you get the quality of brass without the exposure to lead. The cover on our Gatorhyde garden hose is made with recycled materials making it a “green” garden hose. Gatorhyde and Mean Green Garden Hose come in ½, 5/8 and ¾ inch sizes and several color choices. Both of these premium garden hoses are Made in the USA.

If you are looking to private label or purchase bulk coil garden hose our Mean Green and Gatorhyde coil hoses will not disappoint. These premium coil garden hoses come with all the features of standard Mean Green and Gatorhyde and they retain their coiling strength even when they are full of water (which most of the coil garden hose on the market struggle to do). We can private label or sell any of these Bulk Coil Garden Hoseproducts in bulk . Made in the USA

Rubber and PVC water hose made in the USA.Quality water hose in red, blue and black. Custom length options available.

Air and water fittings, nozzles, valves and quick connects. Top of the line fittings and large inventories ensure quick delivery and satisfied customers.

If you are interested in wholesale, private labeling or bulk purchases of our line of hose products please contact our knowledgeable staff for quality service that matches our products. Please put in the comment box your contact information and the products you are interested in.

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