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When exploring the components and accessories involved in the make-up of a garden hose, you will find a few selections to consider when making a purchase. Garden hose fittings play an important role regarding the inter-workings of a hose. It is through garden hose fittings that we attach our couplers. Garden hose fittings also allow us to hook up additional attachments, such as convenient spray nozzles and the sprinkler that your lawn loves so much.

There are also a variety of terms you may encounter when browsing stores and catalogs for garden hose fittings. A common challenge garden hose users face is when they discover their garden hose ends are not compatible with pipe thread. A garden hose end is universal in size no matter what the size of the garden hose. For example, the garden hose fittings on a ½ inch garden hose are compatible with the garden hose fittings on a ¾ inch garden hose. For some applications some may need to adapt the garden hose fittings to be compatible to pipe thread. This is simply done by using an adapter that will convert a garden hose fitting to pipe thread. Please remember when choosing garden hose fittings for drinking applications that most brass garden hose fitting do not meet “drinking water safe” standards in the State of California. Most other States do not declare brass garden hose fittings as unsafe for drinking applications. (Please check with your local State guidelines to determine drinking water safe guidelines for your garden hose fittings.)

When it comes to the quality and strength of garden hose fittings, ask a professional and they will most likely tell you that it is the brass garden hose fittings on the market that provide the best strength and durability. Brass garden hose fittings are resistant to the pressure a garden hose may encounter. For example, how many people have accidentally ran over their hose after washing the car? If the garden hose fittings on your hose are made of plastic or cheap metal, you may find the end of your hose smashed or in pieces. When the garden hose fittings on your hose are an industrial grade brass, it will not only remain crush-proof, but also resists unattractive rusting.

With a purchase from Factory Direct Hose, you will enjoy a hose that offers industrial grade brass garden hose fittings that lasts as long as your purchase. Paired with super-strength hose materials, these high quality garden hose fittings make the Mean Green Garden Hose the best choice in gardening tools offered today. When you settle for low-quality garden hose fittings, you may face equipment that will break in the future or not perform to your satisfaction. This means you will be spending more money for replacements. Who wants to go through that hassle?

With the rising costs in everyday materials and items, quality and longevity becomes of the utmost importance when buying supplies, equipment and other tools. Brass is no exception, but through a purchase at Factory Direct Hose, you will be able to enjoy great prices for not only the garden hose fittings, but also for a long-lasting lightweight industrial strength garden hose.

When shopping for a new hose, you may encounter a variety of garden hose fittings made from a wide-range of materials. PVC, copper, nylon, polypropylene, stainless steel, and plastic options are just some of the materials used to create garden hose fittings, but none compare to the high quality options offered at Factory Direct Hose. Some hose fittings are created under an array of standards, which may not provide the tight seal you are looking for. An industrial grade garden hose fitting will not only provide quality workmanship, but will also provide a quality gasket inside your fitting. A good gasket inside your female garden hose fitting creates a dry seal. This means secure connections and no leaking hoses when it comes time to water the lawn. Quality garden hose fittings also make it easier to change different lengths of hose or connect two hoses together.

As stated before, for most applications the strongest garden hose fittings on the market are those made from brass. At Factory Direct Hose, there are plenty of options to explore the superior quality and strength of brass garden hose fittings. Consumers have sung the praises of the leak-free Brass Garden Hose Valve with shut-off capabilities. Have you ever wanted to use your hose for a home improvement project while another family member wishes to water their garden? Multiple tasks are made easier with the Brass 2-Way Garden Hose Valve. Looking for strong garden hose fittings in the form of a nozzle? Factory Direct Hose offers their convenient Adjustable Brass Garden Hose Nozzle and 2" or 4" Sweeper options. View Factory Direct Hose’s complete line of garden hose fittings here.

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