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Garden Hose Containers

Offering convenience and inviting decoration, there are many different garden hose container options on the market. Just imagine your very own hideaway for the storage of your hose, which is neatly tucked inside a box-like container, out-of-sight until it is needed.

When it comes to garden hose containers, there are three popular choices to consider. The first offers the attractiveness of a garden hose pot. These pots come in copper, brass or distressed steel, which is both durable and visually appealing. The next type of garden hose container features the natural beauty of a resin wicker basket. The wicker basket theme adds a touch of personality to any backyard spread, as well as nicely dresses up a patio. Another popular choice is a garden hose reel. A good quality metal garden hose reel allows you to use and store your garden hose conveniently and with little effort.

There are many advantages to choosing a garden hose container for your yard, which essentially saves time, money and energy. Depending on the model, a garden hose container has the capacity to hold between 100-300 feet of hose. Using a container can prolong the life of your existing hose, as well as make storage and yard work less demanding on the body. A garden hose container will also decrease the amount of time it takes to unroll, hook up, drag about, use and re-roll your hose.

Garden Hose Container Reels

Most garden hose containers offer a link between the hose reel and hose that is watertight, avoiding some of the messy mishaps that occur with leaky faucet connections. A garden hose container also boosts the conservation of energy because in most models, water is used to power the reel instead of electricity. Some models use side levers to activate the reel mechanism, which neatly rolls the garden hose back into the container. During the rewind process, excess water is then removed. Some garden hose container models do not offer a water-powered reel. The rewinding of the hose is completed by manually turning a large handle located on the side of the container. Some of the wicker basket models utilize manual rewind.

When purchasing a garden hose container, you should keep in mind that all models do not come with a hose. A must-have for any garden, lawn or landscape is the Mean Green Garden Hose, which delivers industrial strength results without the weight. Click here to see how Mean Green Garden Hose can work for your Garden Hose Container

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